One major difference between first class batsmen and grade level batsman is bat swing speeds. In the past two years we have conducted some extensive research on the effects of bat swings on individual player scores and on team scores. Some interesting observations were made. One is that players 96% of players who swung the bat faster generally had faster ball exit speeds from the bat (shot speed). This is because faster bat swing speeds promote faster footwork and faster balance distribution. In turn this promotes better timing and hence faster shot speeds. Another important aspect is that these players placed their shots better. Of the shots studied 81% pierced the field as against 42% for players with slow swing speeds – While first class batsmen have faster bat swing speeds and shot speeds than grade batsmen it was determined that on average across the spectrum of shot types (cover drive, off drive, on drive, hook, pull, cut, sweep, reverse sweep etc) first class batsmen only achieved a swing speed maximization rating of 82%. – Maximization rating refers to potential verses actual. If we look at “say” the cover drive any male of average weight and height has the capacity to swing the bat at say 30 k/hr. With repetition they should reach speeds of 36k/hr. With dedicated resistance training potentionaly they should reach 45 k/hr. 82% speed maximization ration means a swing speed of 37 k/hr as against 45 k/hr. – Grade cricketers on average only achieved 73%. Female senior cricketers 68%. – Interestingly of 50 players questioned ZERO actually knew their bat swing speeds or shot speeds for any type of shot.

Do you know your average bat swing speeds for all shot types?

The next time you are ripping your pads off, throwing them in your kit bag while you are fuming over having after been dismissed for a low score wondering what you have to do to get runs, think about the above. Bat swing speed and shot speed are vital aspects of batting. Ultra-important. – Yet 100% of batters surveyed do not work on this part of their game. Here is a give away – The first person to send an email to with the name of the player and the swing speed in k/hr recorded during our studies will win a full set of Weighted Training Bats that have been designed to help batters improve their bat swing speeds and shots speeds.

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