Power Splice Cricket Bats

Put simply if you want a high quality cricket bat at a mid range price the new Power Splice Cricket Bats are hard to beat. Designed in association with Engineers these bats have been tested against the best at our Cricket Bat Tesing Facility in Perth. In terms of power, rebound, durability, flex, hardness, compressive strength, moisture content retension and symmetry these bats rated higher than any other bats tested. Bats using a conventional V shaped splice achieved a macimum rating of 5.1. Bats using the Power Splice Handle achieved ratings to 6.7. Thats is a big difference.

Significantly the diference is not just down to the handle. Here at Force Train Better we looked outside of the square when deciding on the design and the materials to be used in the bats we make. We consulted with Engineers and we worked closely with experts involoved in Designing and Specifying Engineered Timbers for use in Structural Applications. Part of the design process included assessing and testing alternate timber types for use in bats. The end result was that we came up with ten (10) timber types that based on properties such as density, flex, compression, janka rating, age and moisture content retention; were deemed suitable for use in cricket bats. We manufactured bats using all ten timber types and then tested them using our testing aparatus and then tested them further in the nets with players. For the record Willow ranked 8th out of 10. This aligned with predesign calculations prepared by the Engineers.

Being that all of us here are cricketers and cricket traditionalists these finds surprised us immensly. We were staggered.