Cricket Bat Handles

Cricket Bat Handles When a cricket ball impacts with a cricket bat “force” is generated. When a force is applied to an object it can cause the object to move, stop or change direction. This motion is a change in position of an object over time. Therefore, energy is used when a force causes and […]

Weighted Bats Shot Speed

Weighted Bats

We briefly discuss the effects of Weighted Bats Shot Speed. The The ultimate aim when using Force Weighted Training Bats is to increase balance, footwork, head position, timing, endurance, strength and bat swing speed. These days cricket bats are thicker and heavier and players looking to maximize ball exit speeds from the bat need to […]

IPL T20 Tactics To Win More

IPL T20 Tactics To Win More T20 Cricket is fast paced and game scenarios can change quickly from over to over. In a recent review of various IPL 2022 matches one thing that has stood out is that coaches and teams need to give some thought to thinking outside of the box when it comes […]

Punjab Kings IPL

Punjab Hings IPL – A great first up win by the Punjab Kings. The batters are using the Force T2, T4 and T6 Bats in training sessions and getting a lot out of them. Bat swing speed and bat control are key factors in Power Hitting. Improve your game by having these training aids in […]

Bat Swing Speed Importance

One major difference between first class batsmen and grade level batsman is bat swing speeds. In the past two years we have conducted some extensive research on the effects of bat swings on individual player scores and on team scores. Some interesting observations were made. One is that players 96% of players who swung the […]

Train Smarter & Develop Your Batting Faster

Many batsmen and women would agree that if you want to succeed out in the middle you need to have a technique that allows you to defend and deal with the good balls and you need to be able to attack and score runs when the opportunity arises. You also need to be able to […]

Foxtel – Effects of Bat Swing Speed On Scores

In the recent test series between Australia and New Zealand Foxtel released its new high-tech sensor device “Smash Factor” which allows viewers to view data outputs such as Power Efficiency and Bat Swing Speeds. Smash Factor together with similar products such as Stance Beam provide players and coaches an opportunity to assess player performance in […]

Smash Factor the Way Forward

Smash Factor Power Hitting Technology. The people at Force Train Better have long advocated the use of technology and baseline tracking modules as part of the development of a player’s power-hitting game. In fact, we have been using this sort of technology for a number of years, mainly at the Julian Wood Power Hitting Academy […]

The Ashes: Science Reveals Key to Playing Pace

The spell of sheer pace, brutality, and menace Jofra Archer delivered in the second Ashes Test seems destined for cricket folklore. The irresistible force of Test cricket’s newest speed demon, Archer, took on the immovable object of Steve Smith. Irresistible force won the day. Archer’s deliveries regularly topped 150 kilometers per hour. His fastest ball […]


Having batted in stifling heat for the best part of two sessions while facing a high-quality bowling attack of pace and spin England’s Ben Stokes produced some of the most explosive Power Hitting ever seen in a Test Match to turn the current Ashes Series completely around. At 9 down for 280 odd the Test […]