Cricket Bat Research

Two years ago we asked the question; “Why Is Willow Used for Making Crickets Bats?”

All of us here are extremely conventional and not one of us expected to find an alternate timber more suitable than Willow.

That said, we decided to step outside the box and challenge conventional views. The outcome has surprised us all.

Two years on and having carried out extensive research and testing with Engineers, we can now say without hesitation that Willow IS NOT the only timber that can be used for making Bats. In fact, we have the data to show that Willow ranked in the bottom 12 percent of the timbers we researched and tested.

Maple, Oak, Ash and various other timbers are more suited because “by nature” they have higher levels of compressive strength, tensile strength, moisture content retention and hardness (Janka Rating). Not just higher but considerably higher. They are also more durable and highly resistant to impact shock.

Even the cheapest bats on our website at outperform the most expensive Willow Bats in terms of what our engineers call the key properties for assessing timber for bats. In simple terms; bats made from Maple, Oak and Ash are fantastic Bats. Maple Bats, Oak Bats and Ash Bats represent a new frontier in Cricket Bats. 

Maple Bats

Maple wood reigns supreme as the popular choice among MLB Baseball sluggers. Renowned for its density and hardness, maple bats deliver powerful hits. Maple can absorb moisture and over time may gain weight slightly. Very durable with a full-bodied sound at impact with ball. Similar in colour to Willow. It has straight narrow grains along the bat edge. 

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Oak Bats

Oak is very hard and dense. Is slightly heavier than Ash and Maple but can be cut and shaped to produce bas weights of around 2LB 4 for Juniors. Is very durable with a full-bodied sound at ball impact. Colour varies from a light yellow to almond. Straight narrow grains along the edge.

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Ash Bats

Ash wood is more flexible than Maple or Oak, which many baseball players believe allows them to “whip” the barrel through the hitting zone creating more bat speed. Ash is the lightest type of these woods.