The game is changing. The days of players showing up for a net session to roll the arm over or have a hit are fast becoming a thing of the past.

Coaches, selectors, stastisticians and analysts of the future will be using a whole new range of perfomance data to analyse player potential and to select teams and squads.

The data will also be used to structure and develop player specific and team specific training programs aimed at fast tracking improvement levels and ensuring that “what could be” is turned into, “what is”


Performance Maximization Programs. 

We have all seen potential. It is all around us. Plently of teams have it and many players have it.

Performance Maximization is about turning potential into high level performance. 

PMP is a forward thinking methodogy now being used by elite level squads and academies across the globe that is concentrated on turning potential into high achieving outputs at both player and individual level.

PMP can be complex but when fully understood is seen as being both practical and easy to implement. A lot of it is plain old common sense and once you get your head around it, you will acknowledge that it can be appplied and used with players and cricket teams at all levels of the game. 

IPL teams are now using it as are a number of international and elite levels squads in all countries and in developing countries that are looking to take their national teams to the next level. 


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Score Maximization Rating SMR

Take the simple scenario where a batter is caught on the boundary when hitting a lofted off drive. Lets say that when the ball was struck the bat was travelling at 45 k/hr. Physics tells us that had the bat have been moving at 50k/hr the ball would have travelled 5 meters further in the air and the batter would have scored six runs and would not have been dismissed. 

Week in and week out we see this scenario happen in cricket matches at all levels all over the world. 

SMR is a method of analysing real outcomes against potential outcomes. In this scenario we have used physics to determine a potential outcome against a real outcome. They grey area is can the player be trained to swing the bat 5k/hr faster?

The answer is that in most cases every player can impove their bat swing speed not just by 5k/hr but by more. Up to 28% in some instances. 

This is because globally at all levels of cricket 99% of batters in the world do not undertake any specific training designed to increase bat swing speed.


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