How do the models and weights work?

The number on the model represents the added weight percentage, times 10, compared to a standard bat in the same size. So a T6 is 60% heavier than a standard 2 lb 10 adult bat. A T4 in a harrow would be 40% heavier than a standard harrow. The slim bats percentage is compared to a standard shape bat. So a TS2 is 20% heavier than a standard 2 lb 10 bat.

Apart from the weight and shape, how are the bats different?

With the exception of the weight (and shape for the technique bats), they really aren't any different. This was the idea from the beginning and our unique system ensures training with our bats are as practical as possible.

When is the best time to use a ForceTrainBetter bat?

The best time to use a ForceTrainBetter bat is in a controlled environment at training, so against the bowling machine or throw downs. Hitting half or three quarters of your bucket is the ideal way to use our bats. An uncontrolled environment, like in a net session with fast bowlers, could be dangerous. Using our weighted bats on game day isn't recommended.

Should I use a ForceTrainBetter bat in my warm up?

Tiring your muscles right before you need them is not advised. Baseball players are seen swinging a heavier bat when they're next up, but there's research to suggest this isn't beneficial. They're tempting to use because your normal bat feels much easier after swinging a weighted bat, but the research says keep it to a minimum or not at all on game day.

How often should I use a ForceTrainBetter training bat?

A couple of times a week is fine. If you were going to hit a bucket of balls, hitting the first half with a weighted bat is a good time to use it. You should only supplement your training with our bats, not replace entirely. Also, ease into it when you first get one. If you were to suddenly use only a heavy weighted training bat during the week, it could negatively impact your technique, timing or even cause injury.

Should my child be using a heavier bat?

We don't recommend our product for children 12 and below. If a child (or anyone) can't play the shot correctly with a weighted bat then they shouldn't be using it. Playing the shot correctly is more important than developing extra strength and bat speed. Most kids don't have the strength to play shots correctly, so a heavier bat will only make it harder. Yes, gradual use of a weighted bat will help build required strength, but if the shot is not being played correctly in the first place, you're not going to develop the right muscles.

Can I use the bat facing bowlers in the nets?

You can, although we'd recommend being very careful when facing faster bowlers. Initially it's going to take you longer to play your shots and this could be a factor in getting hit, particularly by a short ball. Try a lighter weighted bat (the T2) or slower bowlers first. They are however great for practice against spinners.

What's the warranty on the bat?

12 months from the date of purchase. Provided it breaks from normal use, we'll replace it. Please email us on with a photo and purchase receipt, or take it back to your vendor for assistance.

Can I use the bat in a game?

No. The system we developed to increase the weight does not meet the laws of Cricket for use in a match.