Features of the Forcetrainbetter range

Unique Weight System

Unique Weight System

We tried strapping, clipping and other ways of increasing the weight of a normal bat, but it was all obtrusive and awkward to use. By making the decision to abandon a "bat weight" and opt for a "weighted bat", we were able to achieve so much more. Our bats evenly add weight, while the absence of other modifications or attachments allow for practical use in all training.

Stronger, cost effective willow

Bat manufacturers have been working wonders with new bats. They've bought us bigger and lighter bats than ever before. For our training bats, we've opted for a willow that has increased longevity and lower cost. This was one of the breakthroughs that helped us keep the cost down, resulting in an economically viable training bat that will last in your kit bag.

Training Bat Willow

Multiple Weights

Multiple weight levels

We've developed a range of weighted bats to suit all players. The number on the model of each bat represents the weight compared to a standard bat of that size. For example, the T4 adds 40% weight to a standard bat. The same T4 in a size 6 adds 40% to a standard size 6 bat. The slim shaped bats follow a similar principal, but we're still comparing them to the standard shape. So a TS (S stands for slim) is actually weighted to be the same as a standard non slim bat, which makes it an excellent technique bat. The TS2 would be 20% heavier than a standard bat, despite the slimmer profile.

Slim technique shape

Two of the bats in our range, the TS and the TS2, are slimmer than a standard bat. Slim bats have been used successfully by coaches around the world, as they enable technical deficiencies to become more visible. The issue with standard technique bats is the reduced weight makes them easier to use, which is not desired while training. The TS is weighted to compensate for the loss, bringing it up to a standard 2 lb 10 bat. The TS2 is 20% heavier, which enables batsman to combine strength and technical training.

Slim Technique Bats

Weighted cricket training balls

The use of overweight training balls is becoming increasing popular with

some of the worlds leading bowling coaches. Overweight balls like overweight bats 

are designed to develop strength and to condition the appropriate muscles used

for bowling. By strengthening the right muscles bowlers can improve on speed and ball control.

Use of the weighted balls also allows spin bowlers to put more rotations on a ball

and give them better control over direction and flight. The use of the overweight balls  

should be done in conjunction with the use of light weight balls; see below.