How to use App 


Before using the App it is important to ensure the following:

  • Put phone in silent mode so that incoming calls do not interrupt you
  • Set sleep mode or auto lock mode to “never” so that the screen view is permanently active
  • When asked; select to “allow” the App to use the microphone
  • Make sure you have a good internet connection when using the App
  • Where shot type refers to a backing board this means where nets are fitted with a heavy duty runner or other solid backing board to stop the balls that are not hit by the bat forward of the wicket 

Where To Use The App

The is designed for use in the nets or where the person controlling the app can stand with approximately 20 meters of the batter. A “boundary rider” function will be coming soon to allow for use in matches from outside the boundary. 

Speed Guide for Selecting – All speeds are approximate in K per hour (miles per hour in brackets) 

  • Senior Male – Spin 86 (53) Part Time 100 (63) Second Change 115 (71) First Change 123 (77) Opening 134 (84) Very Fast 144 (90)
  • Senior Female – Spin 83 (51) Part Time 95 (59) Second Change 100 (63) First Change 107 (66) Opening 115 (71) Very Fast 127 (79)
  • Under 17 – Spin 70 (44) Part Time 87 (54) Second Change 95 (59) First Change 105 (66) Opening 115 (71) Very Fast 127 (79)
  • Under 15 – Spin 67 (42) Part Time 80 (49) Second Change 88 (54) First Change 96 (59) Opening 106 (66) Very Fast 115 (72)
  • Under 13 – Spin 62 (38) Part Time 75 (46) Second Change 80 (49) First Change 90 (55) Opening 99 (61) Very Fast 109 (67) 

Using The App

  • The App is designed to be used in the nets or out in the middle on a full length cricket pitch. If out in the middle App Controller to stand 20 meters approx from batter (Umpires End – Square Leg) 
  • The App is designed to be used with an App Controller (person) manning the App. 
  • After bowling a ball the App Controller MUST select one of the shot options available on the shot type option selection drop down
  • See below for the Setting Up of baselines    

Pre Recording Options

  • At the beggining of a training session and prior to using the app to record data the information page must be populated.   
  • The app allows for recording data in kilometers per hour/meters (metric) and miles per hour/yards (imperial)  
  • The app accomodates uo to three bowlers and one batter for any recording. When these need to be changed firstly use the UPLOAD button at the bottom of the screen to Upload recorded data to the Database for each player. Then reupdate the players. 
  • Note – The app will only upload data for players that have purchased the app.   
  • When adding names note that Non-member is a person that has not bought the app.
  • Select Wicket Type – This refers to the type of pitch (wicket) you are playing or training on.

Sharing Apps

  • If you are a bowler and you use your App to record outputs for another bowler these outputs will be added to your data base which effects your averages, peaks and improvement level tracking. These can be reset but there is a cost involved.
  • If you are a batter and you use your App to record outputs for another batter these outputs will be added to your data base which effects your averages, peaks and improvement level tracking. These can be reset but there is a cost involved. 

Start Recording

  • Click on Bowl when bowler releases the ball
  • Select Shot Type from the Drop Down Option
  • Once selected outputs for the last ball bowled are displayed 

Voice Activation For Selecting Shot Type

  • Once familar with the shot type option use the small microphone icon top right to activate a voice command. When the shot type appears in the text box press done.

Output Data

There are a number of options for reviewing data that is related to either a current training session or stored historical data.

  • Summary – When using the App in a training session you can review the current session outputs by clicking on the summary button next to the output. Once pressed you will see the outputs for all balls bowled in the session.
  • Other data outputs – Refer to Data Analysis below

Base Lines

  • Baselines are the “first” outputs recorded for a given activity
  • After being set players and coaches can monitor improvement levels against the base line 
  • Baselines for bowlers are recorded using the first 12 deliveries where the ball is hit by the bat and a shot selection made
  • Baselines for batters are the first recorded outputs for each shot type as they are played and selected 
  • Coming soon – Baseline Reset Button

Session Data 

  • Once you have finished a training session you must use the “upload data” tab to send the data and outputs to your data base
  • You can upload other players data outputs using the same tab. Simply type their names in the available boxes
  • If you fail to do this the App will auto upload your data after the App has been dormant for 20 minutes or you log out


Data Analysis

  • Click on Data Analysis – Bottom Left Icon
  • Coaches – Can view all outputs for all players in their club or team. Click on Coaches Section. Select the option to view player outputs.  
  • Players – Can view Session By Session Peak Outputs by Clicking on Session Data
  • Players – Can view Base Lines, Averages, Peaks and Improvement Levels by Clicking On the various Data Analysis Tabs
  • Players – Can obtain Rankings (where they rank compared to others) by Clicking on the Ranking Drop Down Option Buttons for a particular Output

Throwing Speed

  • To record throwing speeds set up a board or wall and throw a cricket ball into it from around 5 meters. 

Log Out

  • Log Out – To logout of the App click on Profile then Logout


  • The App uses various inbuilt components of a mobile phone to record data. When using the App it is advisable to time the recording period so that the App does not pick up ball impact and ball bounce data from players training in adjacent nets or nearby.
  • Outputs may vary slightly from mobile phone to mobile phone.   
  • The App will not record ball speeds where the speed is less than 50 kilometers per hour or 32 miles per hour or 20% slower than baselines 



Q – I am at the nets, and I need instant help   A – 24/7 phone assistance is available using WhatsApp number +61 434 089 871 or you can used the Help button to send an emails. Emails are monitored 24/7 and will be replied to straight away 

Q – Can the app be used in matches  A – Yes but the app controller needs to stand at square leg or at the umpires position at the bowler’s end. The app is designed for use in the nets. We are currently adding the functionality for using it in live matches from outside the boundary. 

Q – Where do I stand to record deliveries  A – At the side of the net more toward the batters end OR behind the net OR at the bowler’s end where the umpire stands.

Q – What is metric and imperial   A – Metric is kilometers per hour Imperial is miles per hour

Q – What is the difference between member and non-member  A – Members are users that have purchased the app. You can upload members data to their app by clicking on the Upload button at the bottom of the Start page. Data or outputs for non-members cannot be saved or uploaded.

Q – What if I do not know my bowling speed. What bowler type do I select   A – Select the type option based on when you bowl in a match

Q – When recording a delivery when do I press Start   A – When the ball leaves the bowler’s hand. It does not have to be exact.

Q – After pressing Start I am not getting any outputs   A – When you press start the button will turn red then back to green. You must then select the shot type from the drop down. You will not get outputs if you do not select the shot type.

Q – The bowler bowled a slower ball. Do I select slow ball as the shot type A – Yes

Q – What shot type do I select if the batter leaves the ball   A – There are 4 “leave” shot type options

Q – When do I upload data  A – At the end of the session or when you need to change a batter or bowler. We are currently updating the app to automate this.

Q – How do I change batters or bowlers A – First click on upload if you want to save the data. Then click on Home and re-enter names. We are currently updating this function to allow users to change names without uploading and re-entering all names.

Q – How do I access my database A – Click on Data Analysis at the bottom left. Select statistics.

 Q – I am a coach. How do I access my players database A – Click on Data Analysis at the bottom left. Select Coaches Section.

 Q – I am a coach. Can I click on a player’s name to view his or her statistics A – We are currently adding that function.

Q – I am a bowler. In statistics how do I view my percentages for Ball Line and Length A – Click on Bowling Data Analysis. Scroll down to Ball Line and Length. Use the dropdown box to select the option. The data will auto update

 Q – I am a batter. In statistics how do I view my Bat Swing Speed for each shot type  A – Click on Batting Data Analysis. Use the dropdown option box under BAT SWING SPEED to select the shot type. The baseline, average speed, and peak speed plus the + – averages and peaks will auto update 

Q – What is the bowling speed based on  A – Speed of the ball from hand to bat or crease. Unless it is a Max Velocity Ball. Max Velocity Ball is the speed from the hand

Q – How does the type of wicket effect the bowling speed  A – The App adjusts for wicket types by measuring both hand to wicket and wicket to bat speeds

Q – The speeds are different from the speed settings of the bowling machine  A – The app is not designed for use with a bowling machine

Q – The speeds are different for the speeds of a radar gun  A  – Radar gun speed outputs are affected by the angle of the gun. Speeds between the App and the gun may vary slightly

Q – What are the output averages based on  A – Averages are based on the total number of outputs recorded after the base lines are set divided by the total number of balls faced or bowled

Q – What are baselines  A – Baselines are the speeds and distances used to monitor improvement levels

Q – Can I reset my base lines   A – We are currently adding that function  

Q – Can the App be used to record outputs in a match from outside the boundary   A – We are currently adding this function

Q – Do I have to pay extra for App updates  A – Updates will be added as they become available at no cost

Q – I cannot view the data from all players in my club  A – Please make sure you have entered the correct club name and competition name in your profile.

Q – Can I upload data of other players when training with them –  A  – Yes. If they are a member. Use the upload Data tab to send session data outputs to the other player’s App. Simple type their name in the boxes 

Q – Can I use the App for obtaining batting output data when using a bowling machine – A – Yes but the app operator needs to stand behind the net or at the side of the net at the batter’s end. 

Q – Can I use update my profile- A – Yes, click on Profile at the bottom. You can add a photo and update all data.  

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