Welcome to Force Train Better Australia. Forece Train Better specialises in the design and development of cricket training aids, cricket bats and a wide range of other cricket equipment. We are an innovative business owned by cricketers who hold the view that, equipment wise, cricket has stood still for far to long. We at Force Train Better invest heavily in research. We also invest heavily in testing cricket equipment. In Perth Western Australia we have set up a fully equipped cricket gear testing facility that allows us to test a wide range of products for a wide range of perameters and properties. 

Research tells us that it is the only facility of its kind in the world. 

Data obtained from these tests is used by our design team to develop new cricket gear including, cricket bats, protective equipment and accessories. A number f these products are going to be released into the market place early in 2021. This includesa new range of cricket bats that in tests to date have outperformed all bats that we have tested. 

Stay tuned to find out more about the release of the new Power Splice Ultra Range Series of cricket bats. Tests suggest they are the most advanced cricket bats ever released into the market place.


The Force Train Better range of weighted cricket bats are a perfect addition to your training kit. By mixing up your training with our range of overweight/underweight bats you can increase body strength that will subsequently help you to perfect your technique. Baseball players have been using similar weighted products for over 60 years. The Force Train Better bats are available in a range of sizes and weights, to suit all ages. We also have different shape bats, like our slim range, to enhance your technique training.

Underweight/overweight training programs are now being used by some of leading coaches in world cricket. Reputed Cricket Coaching Academies including Power Hitting Systems UK are trend setters in this regard. 


Conventional batting training methods help develop basic muscle strength and muscle tone to allow a batter to control stroke play and execute shots correctly, but, only within certain limits. If you want to be able to impart greater speed and direction into your attacking shots you need to be able to swing the bat faster as well as distribute your weight correctly in order to provide the right amount of resistance. By implementing the use of the Force Train Better range of weighted cricket bats into your net sessions you will generate faster bat speeds because your muscles will become stronger within the correct muscle groups. You cannot achieve this in the gym.

The added weight of the weighted cricket bats will also force you to move your feet so that you maintain balance throughout shot play. This is because you cannot swing the heavier bats properly if you are off balance. They literally pull you over giving you the sensation that you need to move your feet to maintain balance. After repeated use the feet learn to move without you thinking to much about it. You will then be able to generate the right level of resistance to compliment the additional power in your swing.  –

Keep in mind that bat swing speed is not only reliant on strength.  Speed movement drills should also be incorporated into your sessions.  Use standard weight bats for these drills. 


The use of overweight training balls is becoming increasing popular with some of the worlds leading bowling coaches. Overweight balls like overweight bats  are designed to develop strength and to condition the appropriate muscles used for bowling. By strengthening the right muscles bowlers can improve on speed, ball control and endurance..

Use of the weighted balls also allows spin bowlers to put more rotations on a ball and give them better control over direction and flight. The use of the overweight balls should be undertaken in conjunction with the use of light weight balls.

Out three pack box of one lightweight and two overweight balls allow all bowlers a range of weights to develop programs with.

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The game is changing so you need to change the way you train!’ It’s a Power game now with emphasis on hand speed, ball exit speed, Power Transfer Ratios, strike rates, strike quality, boundary and dot ball percentage. With the evolution of T-20 you are required to not only to have a Power game but a skill and touch game also, the game demands this now if you are to succeed at the highest level. I want to put information out there, players and coaches are now searching for it. To understand the Power Hitting concept you need ‘ body awareness’ and understand how your body is moving. The NEW Cricket Academy will change the way players/coaches view coaching, using NEW and unique methods created by Julian Wood, the global Power Hitting Specialist. As coaches/players it is an interesting and exciting era to be involved. You have to be willing to travel to uncharted waters with ideas that would of been considered off beat say 5/10 years ago but now are considered a part of the routine. You’re allowed to work outside of the box, you’re allowed to do what you feel you need to do, even if it isn’t the norm.
The NEW Force Train Bats have taken the Power Hitting System to another level, I recently used them with the England Lions/ ODI Squad and the results and feedback from the players were very positive.
Years ago I was an aspiring Cricketer and would spend lots of time in the nets. I always liked using technique bats against the bowling machine, but the lighter weight made me feel like I was cheating. That’s when I first thought, would training with a heavier bat improve my game? I experimented with a few concepts, but none were practical and I put it aside. Years later I noticed MLB hitters warming up with a weighted bat and the idea came back to me. Again though, I couldn’t settle on a practical concept. I then had a “penny drop” moment of ditching a bat weight and creating a weighted training bat. This changed what was possible and we we’re able to make a prototype I liked. The prototype seemed too heavy, but I started hitting balls anyway. A few minutes later, I forgot I was using a heavier bat. When I realized, I picked up my normal bat and it felt like a toothpick. I ran out of excuses not to give it a go, and Force Train Better was born.