Power Hitting

Weighted Cricket Bat

Power Hitting is about balance, strength, bat swing speed, fitness and shot placement. To succeed in the White Ball Version of the game modern day players need to focus on the development of their skill sets, body shape and muscle growth to be able to achieve higher output perameters in these areas of their batting. Traditional coaching trends also need to be modified in order to develop such perameters in players. 

The Force Weighted Cricket Bats and Force Weighted Cricket Balls are must use Training Aids for players and coaches looking to improve in the White Ball Game. They are serious Cricket Training Aids that will assist with improvement if used correctly. 

Cricket Coaches need to take on board that these aids are not just to be used one or twice a week when a player visits their academy. Like all weighted training aids they need to be used regularly; every second day over extended periods of time.

Years in fact.

We at Force Train Better have developed a very simple document defining how and when the Force Weighted Cricket Bats should be used.  

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T4 Weighted Cricket Bat