T6 Weighted Cricket Bat


The Cricket Power Endurance Bat T6 – Based on studies of modern day training methods and bat weights we have determined that the average first class cricketer only maximizes his or her bat swing speed potential to 86%. Premier league players achieve around 76%. As such a first class cricketer who swings the bat at 40 k/hr when playing a cover drive could in fact swing the bat at 46 k/hr with the right training.

Further studies carried out on a range of Big Bash T20 matches indicated that the average team scores based on real verses potential outputs maximized out at 72%. This means that a team score of 120 could well have been 167 if the players had been trained in order to maximize output potential.

All Force Training Bats are designed to help players maximize their potential in a range of key areas conducive to making runs. The bats are designed to develop the right amount of strength while maintaining speed.

The T6 Bat will maximize your movement speed potential and increase your endurance levels so that you maintain speed and concentration for longer periods.

Bat Pick Up Options – High Grip = Hands High on the Handle – Low Grip = Hands Low on the Handle – Wide Grip = Hands Apart on the Handle


T6  Weighted Cricket Bat

The Force Train Better range of training bats which includes the T6 Weighted Cricket Bat That is a perfect addition to your training kit. In fact, if you are a serious player looking to “improve” your game they are a must. Cricket as a game is changing. T-20 and 50-50 are fast becoming the preferred options for the younger generation coming through and as we saw in the World Cup these forms of the game are all about Power Hitting where hard-hitting dominates at all levels. In order to aspire to be able to reach the Power Hitting levels displayed by the likes of England’s Jason Roy and Jonny Bairstow modern day players and coaches alike need to start thinking outside of the square and they need to start looking into the highly advanced Training Programs developed by the likes of the England Batting Coach Julian Wood who is the brains behind the highly advanced Power Hitting Systems. The T6 genuinely deserves to be labeled a Cricket Super Bat as unlike any other bat in the market place; it will improve your batting.

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Julian Wood is a leader in his field. His coaching and player development programs go way beyond having a hit in the nets and a bit of fielding practice out on the oval. Power Hitting is about power development, strength building, speed building, endurance development, technique development, and fitness.  Working closely with the people at Force Train Better the Power Hitting Programs include working with a wide and diverse range of Cricket Training Aids. The T6 Weighted Cricket Bat and all the other products in the Force Train Better Range form an integral part of the Power Hitting Systems and Training Programs.

Mixing up your training with our range of overweight/underweight bats can increase your body strength, improve your endurance levels, give you far greater body strength in all the right muscle zones and increase your power output level and help to further perfect your technique. Baseball players have been using similar weighted products for over 60 years. Weighted baseball bats and balls are an integral part of baseball’s training and development programs and every serious player uses them.



Conventional Cricket batting training methods help develop basic muscle strength and muscle tone to allow a batter to control stroke play and execute shots correctly, but, only within certain limits. If you want to be able to impart greater speed and direction into your attacking shots you need to be able to swing the bat faster as well as distribute your weight correctly in order to provide the right amount of resistance. In the modern day white ball game, you also need to be able to adapt to the diversity in delivery types and be able to modify your shot selection to accommodate modern day bowlers who can vary their speed and length on a ball by ball basis. Bats such as the Cricket Power Endurance Bat T6 Weighted allow you to develop far greater bat control and with this comes the ability to be able to “split second” modify shot types, mid-delivery. The Australian Cricket Team was found wanting in this area of their game in the World Cup Semi Final against England. All the batsmen struggled with the slower ball. They could not adapt and in general, the players lacked the upper body strength needed to implement shot adjustment mid-delivery.  England, on the other hand, we free-flowing against all deliveries and invariable were able to score at will against any delivery be it faster, slower, short pitched, full pitched and straight through. Roy and Bairstow, in particular, demonstrated tremendous upper body strength, quickness of hand and superior power in their shot play all around the ground.

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By implementing the use of the Force Train Better range of bats into your net sessions you will generate faster bat speeds because your muscles will become stronger within the correct muscle groups. You cannot achieve this in the gym.

The added weight of the heavier bats will also force you to move your feet so that you maintain balance throughout shot play. This is because you cannot swing the heavier bats properly if you are off balance. They literally pull you over giving you the sensation that you need to move your feet to maintain balance. After repeated use, the feet learn to move without you thinking too much about it. You will then be able to generate the right level of resistance to complement the additional power in your swing. Keep in mind that bat swing speed is not only reliant on strength.  Speed movement drills should also be incorporated into your sessions.  The Force Train Better is currently developing a range of super lightweight bats to assist players with this. 

All Force Train Better bats are available in a range of sizes and weights, to suit all ages. We also have different shape bats, like our slim range, to enhance your technique training.


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