Weighted Cricket Bats help improve your game

Weighted Cricket Bats

At Force Train Better we we offer a range of five (5) weighted cricket bats. Thes cricket bats help players develop their game in the areas of balance,footwork, strength, swing speed, timing, shot placement, endurance and fitness. If you are serious about impriving your game you should have these weighted cricket bats in your kit bag.

Weighted Cricket Bat

Force T2 Bat

Develop and build your technique. Iron out faults and improve hand eye coordination. Nothing will hone your skills and technique better than developing them using resistance training. No special training drills. Simply use this bat during th middle third of every net session. Feel the difference in a few months. The Force T2 Weighted Cricket Bat will improve your footwork, create better timing and increase the control you have over the bat allowing you to be able to place shots through the field.


Force T4 Bat

The amount of power generated at the point of impact relies on a number of factors. From a batting perspective these include bat swing speed, bat blade hardness and resistance that comes about through correctly distributing your body weight. If you maximize your potential in these areas you will greatly improve your timing. In order to achieve your maximum bat swing speed potential you need to maximizethe strength potential of the muscle groups used for swinging a bat. 

Different shot types use diferent muscle groups. To create resistance you need to be able to move your feet into the best position to maximize weight distribution. The Force T4 Weighted Cricket Bat used regularly in net sesssions will help you maximize bat swing speeds and align body weight distribution so that you time the ball better and maximize power


T4 Weighted Cricket Bat
Weighted Cricket Bat

Force T6 Bat

Based on studies of modern day training methods and bat weights we have determined that the average first class cricketer only maximizes his or her bat swing speed potential to 86%. Premier league players achieve around 76%. As such a first class cricketer who swings the bat at 40 k/hr when playing a cover drive could in fact swing the bat at 46 k/hr with the right training. Further studies carried out on a range of Big Bash T20 matches indicated that the average team scores based on real verses potential outputs maximized out at 72%. This means that a team score of 120 could well have been 167 if the players had been trained in order to maximize output potential. 

All Force Training Bats are designed to help players maximize their potential in a range of key areas conducive to making runs. The bats are designed to develop the right amount of strength while maintaining speed. The Force T6 Weighted Cricket Bat will maximize your movement speed potential and increase your endurance levels so that you maintain speed and concentration for longer periods.

Force TS Weighted Bat

Why compromise on weight? You use full weight bats in a match so why train with a light bat? The Force TS Weighted Cricket Bat will allow you to train and develop hand eye coordination using a bat that is weighted so that you do not compromise on speed movement.

TS2 Weighted Cricket Bat

Force TS2 Weighted Bat

Why compromise on weight? You use full weight bats in a match so why train with a lightbat? The Force TS2 Weighted Cricket bat will allow you to train and develop hand eye coordination using a bat that is 20% heavier than a standard Cricket Bat so that you develop your hand eye coordination using resistance to memorise the feel.